Tina was a tremendously effective partner through our whole strategic planning process. She was thorough in preparation, planning each session in consultation with us so that there was a clearly understood sense of direction and objective, yet with flexibility to respond to the unexpected and serendipitous. She had a great way of putting everyone at their ease quickly and ensuring that people felt heard. She gained the trust of participants quickly with great energy and resourcefulness. Not only did she get us to where we needed to go to – on time and one budget – she did so with warmth and grace.


I recommend Tina highly."


Andrew Tomlinson, Quaker UN Representative, Quaker UN Office, New York, NY

Thanks, Tina, for all of your hard work. We accomplished what we needed."


Patrise Perkins-Hooker, First Congregational Church of Atlanta

What a gift it was to work with you through our Strategic Planning process. I am always in awe of how you dance throughout your work with organizations. You were indeed made for this work."


Deborah Richardson, Former Chief Executive Officer,

Atlanta Women’s Foundation

Tina, you are so fantastic… I don’t know if you give everyone else the same amount of love and attention, but I so appreciate you!"


Jenny Costantino, True Colors Theatre Company

Tina was an invaluable resource during her stay with us. Her teamwork, facilitation and communication skills are exemplary. Her creativity and enthusiasm are infectious. She was more than a consultant, she was a thinking partner and team member."


Betty Abbott, Former Chief Operating Officer, Eagle Hospital Physicians, Atlanta, GA

Tina kept her eye on developing exceptional team performance by removing blocks and seizing opportunities. The results were remarkable!"


Paul Hoxie, Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA

Tina did an incredible job in facilitating and identifying our needs and setting goals for the next two years. It was like magic watching everyone become involved and being a part of the process."


Sandi Beals, Georgia Citizens for the Arts, Savannah, GA

Ms. Graf has an in-depth understanding of group dynamics and group process. She is a very adept facilitator, presenter and coach. Without her considerable skills, American Friends Service Committee would not have been able to establish the productive, professional environment that we currently enjoy."


Valerie L. Barlow, Former Regional Director, American Friends Service Committee, Atlanta, GA